Saturday, October 15, 2011


Hello Everyone.

For all of you who are confused about my blogs title, "Fiction, Facts, and Aspergers", let me explain it to you. The words in my blog's title are the subjects my blog posts will talk about.


The art of fiction and storytelling has been my passion for as long as I can remember (hence the name fiction fan). If there's one thing I love, it's looking over a work of art that may take us to a world that is not our own, move us to tears, make us laugh our guts out , or captivate us with its
imaginative concepts. Whether it be a book, a movie, a videogame, or a television show, if it tells good story I'll be all over it. My blog posts related to this subject will talk about various works and elements of the wonderful world of fiction.


You don't need me to tell you that it's a crazy world out there. Even as I type this down there are all
kinds of extrordinary things going on in the world around us. Aside from things going on in the present, there are plenty of historical things I intend to talk about. I've always been a bit of a history nut so the events my piost will cover could go all the way back to the middle ages or even Ancient Greece.


I was born with Asperger Syndrome. I have always had trouble learning to connect with others. Though I mostly keep it to myself, occasionally I like to talk about it. So I will make post things related to Asperger Syndrome and about people who have Aspergers.That about covers it. So be on the lookout fr any new posts I put up. Thanks for reading my blog!

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Claire Hayes said...

Hi Sam,

I love your blog.These days with technology, you can share yourself and your writing in a way that never would have been possible even 20 years ago. What a gifted writer you are, keep it up. I so appreciate you sharing your feelings and how life is for you. I love your positive attitude. Much Love, Aunt Claire