Saturday, October 22, 2011

Aspergers: What is it?

Asperger's Syndrome is a type of autism spectrum disorder. However Aspergers is not as bad
as autism,mainly because those with Aspergers preserve their capabilities for linguistic and cognitive
development. However they still retain a few autistic tendencies, things like: physical clumsiness, social communication difficulties, atypical use of speech, etc. So a simpler way to put it would be that Aspergers is a lesser form of autism.

People with Aspergers (called Aspies for short) experience difficulties communicating with others on a social level. The main reason for this is the fact that Aspies tend to be interested in a small variety of subjects and find it difficult to engage in conversations not related to their favored subjects. As an
Aspie, I too have a limited interest in subjects including: films, video games, literature, history, etc. The things my peers at school like to talk about are things like: who's going out with who, who's wearing what, who said this about who, etc. Basically they talk about everything I could care less about.  Because of this I am usually the quiet guy sitting in a corner reading a book.Whenever I talk to someone I usually only say a few words of courtesy. An Aspie usually only gets a few opportunities to become heavily involved in a conversation. This can be incredibly frustrating for anybody. We see other people interacting with each other and being able to enjoy the presence of each others' company, we understand why they enjoy socializing with each other, yet we Aspies don't have the notion of how to become involved in their social interaction.

Asperger's Syndrome may not be as severe as autism, it affects the lives of many people, not always for the better. While Aspergers hinders people's social abilities, it can also enhance people' talents. As I said above, Aspies tend to be interested in certain subjects, because of this they often excel at these subjects.

So it may be our curse, but its also our gift.

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